The New Journey: Yellowstone…Another World

Picking up where I left off, we had another successful CD Release Party in North Little Rock at Skinny J’s. It was so incredible to see new friends, old friends and family, we really had a blast. We were graced on stage by the best of Little Rock, including Shannon Boshears ( Shannon and I go back to the days of wearing Plateau style hats 😉 and yes we rocked them! I’ve always admired Shannon she is an incredible artist and just a beautiful person. Sharon Simmons and her daughter Samantha Craig, (Sharon and I have been friends since Sam was an infant). They are both incredibly talented musicians and beautiful friends. Jason Weinheimer, who was the Engineer/Producer of the new CD, sat in with us also. We love Jason! He is an great guy and crazy talented musician. So many friends were there to support us, I can’t even begin to name them all but here are some photos.   You can see how much fun we had. Special thanks to Sarah Reeves, manager of Skinny Js and the entire Staff for all of their help. We love playing at Skinny J’s in North Little Rock!

After such a successful Month in August, we decided to take a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Our Alex was working there and we hadn’t seen her in a couple of months and neither of us had been there so, off we went. Yellowstone was, with a lack of a better term, unbelievable. I felt as though we stepped off into another realm. It was so beautiful and peaceful, absolutely spiritual, truly God’s country.  We weren’t in the park for more than an hour of driving and witnessed a grizzly bear coming down a hillside to eat and chase the birds away so that he could :0. I was for one, very glad we were in our car and it was across a lake ;|.  We stayed in three different places in Yellowstone over a four night stay and they were all breathtaking in different ways. One of my favorite things that we did was visit Lamar Valley and recorded four songs with just two acoustic guitars in the middle of the valley with a river running behind us and the wind blowing around us. As I was singing I was thinking of all the friends and family that we have lost over the years that were part of my life both personal and in my music and I imagined all of their faces smiling there with us and enjoying the music. I know to some that may sound weird, morbid, corny, etc, but it was very real for me. Whether it was love, support, playing music along side me or just a supportive listener and encourager of my music, I hold their memory and mark on my soul very close.

Here are some photos of our trip and you can view the videos on the media page at


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The New Journey: Two Bottles, It’s Here!!!

Reflecting back on July and August, I still can’t believe we accomplished so much in just 60 days! Started out in July, we finished the Two Bottles CD and I can’t say enough, how proud I am of this project and everyone that had a part in it. I haven’t written here because we have been so busy and I have quite a bit to catch up on! So here goes, July and August!!!!!

We had the honor of playing a house concert for our dear friends, Scott and Anita Despain, in celebration of both of their birthdays. The concert was held in their living room with friends and family, We played two sets of mostly original and a few of their favorite covers, (which includes some of our past originals 😉 ), and even a song written by Scott Despain himself that won third place in American Songwriter Magazine, titled, “The Possum’s Gone to Heaven”.  it was a great evening and one of my favorite type of shows to play, because of the intimate setting. We get to meet new people and share our music with them. Thanks again to Scott and Anita for the opportunity. You can check out videos on my media page from this concert. They are titled, “Through it All” and “Me and Julio”. I only managed to get a couple of pics from that night, I suppose cause we were having too much fun 🙂 they are below in the gallery.

The last week of July and the first week of August was filled with music, and a couple of special concerts. Sonny and I were treated by Matt and Misti Valentine to a Tedeshi Trucks concert at BankPlus Amphitheatre at Snowdengrove. I don’t think they will ever know how much that meant to us! Sonny didn’t have to drive (he’s always the driver) We had a great time listening to one of our favorite bands. This was on a Wednesday, on Friday, I loaded up along with Kierra, Lacey Robinette, and Pam Bowen, and headed to Nashville to catch a Shelby Lynne Concert. Little did I know that I would finally  get to meet her and it was amazing and surreal! Her entire concert I don’t think I took a breathe. Her voice, songs, her presence, they just don’t get no better and thats the only way to say it!!! Meeting her was amazing. I have followed her  since 1988, and although I had planned in my head what I would say to her, I was completely blank and in awe, and frankly , just like a schoolgirl (LOL), but she was very sweet, autographed her new DVD and Soundtrack for me, even allowed us to Facetime Sonny so he could say hello to her. I am now complete, although every chance I get to catch her show I will be there and maybe next time I get to meet her, I’ll be able to speak 🙂

Our New CD Titled, Two Bottles is here!!!!!! It is available on iTunes, Spotify, (35 other digital distribution sites) and of course on my website and at our shows!

Thanks to Jim Frigo for having us on 104.9 The Fox to talk about our new CD and CD Release Party! We missed Trey Stafford but he was their for the CD Release party along with his wife, Jenna Stafford and their amazing boys The Trippp Band!

The CD Release Party at The Recovery Room on August 15th,  was a huge success! I am humbled by the show of support and even from those who couldn’t be there, you were there in spirit. It was truly a magical night.  The Band Trippp opened up the evening and they did a fantastic job.  You can watch their set on YouTube. They are triplets, they are super talented , fun to watch and just all around great guys, I can’t wait to see where their music takes them.

Matt Pierce, Tony Spinner, Jacob Brumley, Kierra Forrester, Sonny Campbell and myself then took the stage and opened up with Burning Love, a last minute call on Sonnys part, little did we know that the very next day was the anniversary of Elvis’ death! We then played songs off the new CD, which I must say, the overwhelming response we have received has been amazing, we definitely have the best friends and fans.  Our song, January brought quite an emotional moment to the stage. We dedicated the night to the memory or our dear friend Eddie James. We were honored to have his son, Chris James and his wife LeAnn, granddaughter, Morgan James along with close friends, Aaron and Kristy Liles, Kimberly Carmicheal and Jack Sparkman there with us. I think we all felt Eddies spirit there with us and as we played one of his favorite songs, Heavenly Day, I could see him dancing and proudly smiling. Everything about this night was amazing. I am forever grateful to everyone who helped it run smoothly. Pam and Chloe Bowen, Sarah Collom, Tina Elder, Calli Perkins( for all the incredible pictures and videos),  all of the musicians and everyone on The Recovery Room Staff, Thank you all so much.

We had so much fun at the CD Release party that we decided to do another in Little Rock on August 31st,at Skinny J’s which is this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Little Rock and hopefully meet some new fans. I will post in September!

Thanks for visiting my Blog! It is a digital journal/scrapbook of my New Journey and what a journey it is. Here are some pics from the past couple of months, Enjoy 🙂


The New Journey: New music and Sunsets

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, it has been a busy couple of months.  April and May were both full of gigs and recording with most of the focus on the new CD.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a project! This past weekend we fixed and mixed on the 12 song CD and have now listened to it about 100 times, 🙂  It really is the best work to date. Of course, I am proud of everything that I have had an opportunity to work on and the people I have worked with and the friends I have made, it’s an awesome life.  I say it often and I’ll say it again, I have been truly blessed all along the way and am always honored and so thankful to God for giving me this gift of music. It has truly made my life a special one.

We have gained another friend in Jason Weinheimer of Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock. He is the Master at his job, so easy to work with, dude loves his coffee 😉 and he plays bass for my all time favorite female artist, Shelby Lynne 😉 that alone says it all for me :).  All that aside he truly is the real deal. Thanks to Matt Pierce for hooking us up with him. Speaking of Matt Pierce, not only do you hear his sweet sounds on this CD, but also Tony Spinner, Greg Spradlin, John Willis, Jason Weinheimer, Al Gamble, Sonny Campbell, Jacob Brumley, Kierra McGee-Forrester and me :). Every hand on this CD has made the songs come to life and I cannot wait to share it with everyone.

Some Photos from the sessions, as you can see we have had lots of fun!!

Laying down the Rhythm
Sweet Harmonies
Jason at the Wheel
I could do this all day every day
We have too much fun!
Love my Sonny
Hes in the zone
Latiolais, my little friend

Tony Spinner in the hot seat!! Sweet 🙂 Jason loves his Coffee
I think He’s loving this!!


I love Sunsets and love to take photos of them every time I experience them. You will never see Sunrise photos because Im just not up that early lol. I am working on painting one, I’ll share if I ever capture it  . Sunsets are so peaceful , at the end of the day, no matter what kind of day it has been You can watch the  sunset, reflect and know that The Sun will shine again, hence the inspiration for one of the songs on the new CD, The Sun Will Shine!

Every year for the past 4 years we have had the honor of playing for Fred and Susan Cathcart and all of their beautiful family and friends and St. Judes supporters at their gorgeous Lakehouse in Mountain Home, Ar. We always start around 6:30 in the evening and get to experience one of the most beautiful, glorious sunsets on the lake you could ever imagine. I take pictures of it every year and although they look similar theres always something different about them, but always beautiful. The difference this year was it was our first year to be up their without our Eddie, although I think we all felt his presence.   I didn’t take one this year (don’t know why) but thankfully Tina Elder did and its beautiful.

Sunset at The Cathcarts in Mountain Home 2018 Photo taken by Tina Elder


Driving home from Memphis March 2018


Some of my faves. I think all from Destin… all with Sonny and Eddie. Memories I hold close

Thats all for now…I promise to blog again soon…..thanks again to everyone for all the love, support, friendships, and always the inspirations.









House Concerts

Hello Everyone, welcome to my blog. I am just now getting time to sit down and tell you all about our journey in March.  Started out the month with a couple of shows around town. JTown Grill and Upper Crust allowed us to play for our very supportive and loyal (for about 12 years running), friends and fans. We then traveled to Little Rock and played two shows for Skinny J’s in North Little Rock, which was a packed house two nights in a row to a beautiful, welcoming audience.  There were lots of old friends which I’m always so happy to see, and made new friends that we look forward to seeing again in April. Don’t miss that show, that is on  April 21st from 7-10pm. We also were in the studio and layed the bones to the first six tracks on the new CD.  I am very excited about the new CD and can’t wait til its finished that we can share it with everyone. We are recording at Fellowship Hall Sound with Jason Weinheimer at the wheel. It’s going to be our best yet!!!! Until its finished you can hear live versions at all of our shows.


Heres some pics from Skinnys in Little Rock:

You can also view videos on the media page on my website.

Fellowship Hall Sound

Now about those House Concerts:

We performed for our first House Concert, hosted by Ms. Janet Miles on March 25th, (Janet’s birthday)  and it was a great success. The first hour we showcased our original songs with stories about the songs and what inspired them.  We also had Tony Spinner on guitar, which is always a treat, so Tony performed a couple of his original songs. Check him out at  The second half of the show consisted of the audience requesting some of their favorites and we were pleased that a couple of the request were original songs that we didn’t cover in the first hour. The crowd and the Host were very receptive and so much fun to play for. The show couldn’t have been a better first. Thank you again Janet for everything.  You are an amazing, beautiful soul.

House Concert March 25th 2018
Toni Miles, Vikki McGee,Janet Miles, Tony Spinner, Jacob Brumley,Sonny Campbell


We are available and ready to play for you!!! All you have to do is book it!  We can play anywhere from a duo to 4 piece, that depends on room and budget of course,  but we are very flexible. 😉 contact me at for more information. Also, please subscribe to my newsletter at, all you have to do is add in your email address. It will ask for your birthday but that is totally optional.  At the beginning of each month you will receive an email with information about the upcoming month, that simple.

I look forward to seeing everyone this month (April) You can also catch Sonny, Jacob, and myself at By The Glass on 5713 Kavenaugh Blvd in Little Rock on April 20th. It will be a listening room, acoustic show from 7:30 to 9:30. Call for reservations, it has limited seating. The Number is (501) 663-9463. Website is

I can’t say enough how humbled I am by all the support we have received since beginning the new Journey. I am blessed beyond measure with friends and family that have hung with me through all these years and continue to be a great crew of support. I know that God is in control of my path and I am forever grateful for every opportunity that comes my way, My cup runneth over.

Thank you for visiting my Blog……See you next month



The New Journey: Take It All In

The New Journey/Take It All In:

Welcome to my Blog!!!

January and February have been both very busy, musically and very hard, personally. The new website is up and running, we completed our first all originals show , we are booked for our first House Concert in March, and songs are being rehearsed and prepared for going into the studio very soon.

I have performed my entire career as a cover artist which I have enjoyed very much and still love it. There are so many great songs out there and I have been blessed with the ability to cover just about any genre but I have only had a few opportunities to sing my songs, until recently. Last October I was able to feature two of my songs with The Delta Symphony Orchestra and then on February 28th, I along with Sonny Campbell, Matt Pierce, and Jacob Brumley, performed two complete sets of nothing but , original songs. It was beyond amazing! It felt so good to sing songs that we (Sonny and I) have written and tell the stories behind the songs and have them received so well. I haven’t been very good at talking much during shows, so this is also a new thing for me. I was a bit nervous at first ,and then it became easier. I am ready to do it again!  I think my favorite song of the night was the newest, January. (You can check it out on YouTube) The song was written about things that took place in January and then more in February, hence the very hard, personally reference in the first paragraph.  The loss of our dear friend, Eddie James, watching a young friend lose a competition that she worked so hard on, but gracefully handled, and the loss of having to put our 16 year old dog down prompted the Song and in my opinion its one of the most heartfelt songs to date that we have written. Continue reading “The New Journey: Take It All In”

The New Journey: From Cowboy Boots to Rhinestone Heels

January 31, 2018

January 2018 is over and what a month it has been. We started out with rebuilding the website, which is nearly finished. We are re-vamping our entire repertoire to make room for upcoming shows that will allow us to perform our originals mixed in with a handful of cover favorites. I am proud to announce that we will very soon be available for House concerts and listening rooms to showcase our songs, whether as a duo or 3-4 piece band. We are also gearing up to go into the studio with at least 10 new songs!

From Cowboy Boots to Rhinestone Heels: Back in October 2018, I performed at The Johnny Cash Festival in Dyess, Arkansas and in the same week performed with The Delta Symphony Orchestra! What started out as an incredible gift from my husband, (You never have to buy me another thing!!) turned out to be the turning point in my career. That week alone proved to me that I was far from being done. I had sort of gotten in a rut with my music until then but that month revived me and caused me to reflect on what I wanted to do and in what direction I thought God wanted me to go, hence The New Journey. Continue reading “The New Journey: From Cowboy Boots to Rhinestone Heels”