The New Journey: Take It All In

The New Journey/Take It All In:

Welcome to my Blog!!!

January and February have been both very busy, musically and very hard, personally. The new website is up and running, we completed our first all originals show , we are booked for our first House Concert in March, and songs are being rehearsed and prepared for going into the studio very soon.

I have performed my entire career as a cover artist which I have enjoyed very much and still love it. There are so many great songs out there and I have been blessed with the ability to cover just about any genre but I have only had a few opportunities to sing my songs, until recently. Last October I was able to feature two of my songs with The Delta Symphony Orchestra and then on February 28th, I along with Sonny Campbell, Matt Pierce, and Jacob Brumley, performed two complete sets of nothing but , original songs. It was beyond amazing! It felt so good to sing songs that we (Sonny and I) have written and tell the stories behind the songs and have them received so well. I haven’t been very good at talking much during shows, so this is also a new thing for me. I was a bit nervous at first ,and then it became easier. I am ready to do it again!  I think my favorite song of the night was the newest, January. (You can check it out on YouTube) The song was written about things that took place in January and then more in February, hence the very hard, personally reference in the first paragraph.  The loss of our dear friend, Eddie James, watching a young friend lose a competition that she worked so hard on, but gracefully handled, and the loss of having to put our 16 year old dog down prompted the Song and in my opinion its one of the most heartfelt songs to date that we have written.

Take it all in:

Most of us, I know I have, run through our lives like its a race. We forget that we are on a Journey, we forget to slow down and take everything in. If I learned anything from Eddie, it was just that. I watched him many days and nights quietly take it all in. He was always the first one up and weather permitting,  you would find him sitting outside, quietly reflecting on everything around him. He was always very attentive, and didn’t like for anyone to talk to him while we were playing music, lol. Almost every new song we ever wrote, went through his ears first, while he would listen and take it all in and smile. We Miss him, terribly and will always miss him, but we are so thankful that God graced us with his love and friendship and we were given the opportunity to give him that also. He left a huge mark on our souls, and for me, the lesson to slow down and enjoy every single moment and Take it all in.

Rest in Peace Eddie, We love you, Always……………………………………………..

Eddie James.


Here are photos from February 28, 2018 at The Recovery Room. You can check out Videos on Youtube, go to Vikki McGee at The Recovery Room. Thank you for visiting my Blog……….


7 Replies to “The New Journey: Take It All In”

  1. Vicki I am so thankful that after all these years I finally got to meet you! Darryl thought a lot of you and your music 🎶. You and your daughter did a fantastic job with the music 🎼 at Darryl ‘s wake
    Thank you so much

    1. Thank you Anne, It was good to meet you also. I wish it wouldn’t have been in those circumstances. Terry has been my best friend since we were kids, Darryl was an added bonus and he was so good to Terry. We miss him so much as I know you do 🙁 Take care and thanks for the support I really appreciate it

  2. You still sound wonderful!!! Love your band maybe while I am in Arkansas this year I can come hear you. I dont know if you remember my daughter Deidre but sure remember you guys comming to the house in North Little Rock and Jim & I taking her to hear you at Cajan Wa. She wants to take a trip with me to hear you . When I sing out now I always add your song Worlds Gone Crasy that song will always have a special place in my heart!!!

    1. Hey there, Just so you know we will be at Skinny Js in North Little Rock on March 23rd and 24th! Come see us, would love to see you and of course I remember Deidre! she was just a little girl last time I saw her….Bring her with you bring a whole crew! I still do Worlds Gone Crazy. Its a great song. Hope to see you Thanks for the kind words.

  3. Vicki,
    You are still the!!!! Love you & your music. So happy that you are in this happy place in your life! Miss you! Your music soothes my soul! Thanks for always making music that you feel clear down to your toes! All My Tears is one of those songs that makes you reminisce, feel grateful for the blessings of a like well lived in Jesus! Thanks Vicki & Sonny for making music that takes you to a peaceful, lovely place! May God Bless!

    1. Thank you Tisha, you always make me smile. Love you so much, you have always been such a sweet friend and your kind words mean the world to me. Mwaaaawhhh! 🙂

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