The New Journey: New music and Sunsets

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, it has been a busy couple of months.  April and May were both full of gigs and recording with most of the focus on the new CD.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a project! This past weekend we fixed and mixed on the 12 song CD and have now listened to it about 100 times, 🙂  It really is the best work to date. Of course, I am proud of everything that I have had an opportunity to work on and the people I have worked with and the friends I have made, it’s an awesome life.  I say it often and I’ll say it again, I have been truly blessed all along the way and am always honored and so thankful to God for giving me this gift of music. It has truly made my life a special one.

We have gained another friend in Jason Weinheimer of Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock. He is the Master at his job, so easy to work with, dude loves his coffee 😉 and he plays bass for my all time favorite female artist, Shelby Lynne 😉 that alone says it all for me :).  All that aside he truly is the real deal. Thanks to Matt Pierce for hooking us up with him. Speaking of Matt Pierce, not only do you hear his sweet sounds on this CD, but also Tony Spinner, Greg Spradlin, John Willis, Jason Weinheimer, Al Gamble, Sonny Campbell, Jacob Brumley, Kierra McGee-Forrester and me :). Every hand on this CD has made the songs come to life and I cannot wait to share it with everyone.

Some Photos from the sessions, as you can see we have had lots of fun!!

Laying down the Rhythm
Sweet Harmonies
Jason at the Wheel
I could do this all day every day
We have too much fun!
Love my Sonny
Hes in the zone
Latiolais, my little friend

Tony Spinner in the hot seat!! Sweet 🙂 Jason loves his Coffee
I think He’s loving this!!


I love Sunsets and love to take photos of them every time I experience them. You will never see Sunrise photos because Im just not up that early lol. I am working on painting one, I’ll share if I ever capture it  . Sunsets are so peaceful , at the end of the day, no matter what kind of day it has been You can watch the  sunset, reflect and know that The Sun will shine again, hence the inspiration for one of the songs on the new CD, The Sun Will Shine!

Every year for the past 4 years we have had the honor of playing for Fred and Susan Cathcart and all of their beautiful family and friends and St. Judes supporters at their gorgeous Lakehouse in Mountain Home, Ar. We always start around 6:30 in the evening and get to experience one of the most beautiful, glorious sunsets on the lake you could ever imagine. I take pictures of it every year and although they look similar theres always something different about them, but always beautiful. The difference this year was it was our first year to be up their without our Eddie, although I think we all felt his presence.   I didn’t take one this year (don’t know why) but thankfully Tina Elder did and its beautiful.

Sunset at The Cathcarts in Mountain Home 2018 Photo taken by Tina Elder


Driving home from Memphis March 2018


Some of my faves. I think all from Destin… all with Sonny and Eddie. Memories I hold close

Thats all for now…I promise to blog again soon…..thanks again to everyone for all the love, support, friendships, and always the inspirations.