The New Journey: Two Bottles, It’s Here!!!

Reflecting back on July and August, I still can’t believe we accomplished so much in just 60 days! Started out in July, we finished the Two Bottles CD and I can’t say enough, how proud I am of this project and everyone that had a part in it. I haven’t written here because we have been so busy and I have quite a bit to catch up on! So here goes, July and August!!!!!

We had the honor of playing a house concert for our dear friends, Scott and Anita Despain, in celebration of both of their birthdays. The concert was held in their living room with friends and family, We played two sets of mostly original and a few of their favorite covers, (which includes some of our past originals 😉 ), and even a song written by Scott Despain himself that won third place in American Songwriter Magazine, titled, “The Possum’s Gone to Heaven”.  it was a great evening and one of my favorite type of shows to play, because of the intimate setting. We get to meet new people and share our music with them. Thanks again to Scott and Anita for the opportunity. You can check out videos on my media page from this concert. They are titled, “Through it All” and “Me and Julio”. I only managed to get a couple of pics from that night, I suppose cause we were having too much fun 🙂 they are below in the gallery.

The last week of July and the first week of August was filled with music, and a couple of special concerts. Sonny and I were treated by Matt and Misti Valentine to a Tedeshi Trucks concert at BankPlus Amphitheatre at Snowdengrove. I don’t think they will ever know how much that meant to us! Sonny didn’t have to drive (he’s always the driver) We had a great time listening to one of our favorite bands. This was on a Wednesday, on Friday, I loaded up along with Kierra, Lacey Robinette, and Pam Bowen, and headed to Nashville to catch a Shelby Lynne Concert. Little did I know that I would finally  get to meet her and it was amazing and surreal! Her entire concert I don’t think I took a breathe. Her voice, songs, her presence, they just don’t get no better and thats the only way to say it!!! Meeting her was amazing. I have followed her  since 1988, and although I had planned in my head what I would say to her, I was completely blank and in awe, and frankly , just like a schoolgirl (LOL), but she was very sweet, autographed her new DVD and Soundtrack for me, even allowed us to Facetime Sonny so he could say hello to her. I am now complete, although every chance I get to catch her show I will be there and maybe next time I get to meet her, I’ll be able to speak 🙂

Our New CD Titled, Two Bottles is here!!!!!! It is available on iTunes, Spotify, (35 other digital distribution sites) and of course on my website and at our shows!

Thanks to Jim Frigo for having us on 104.9 The Fox to talk about our new CD and CD Release Party! We missed Trey Stafford but he was their for the CD Release party along with his wife, Jenna Stafford and their amazing boys The Trippp Band!

The CD Release Party at The Recovery Room on August 15th,  was a huge success! I am humbled by the show of support and even from those who couldn’t be there, you were there in spirit. It was truly a magical night.  The Band Trippp opened up the evening and they did a fantastic job.  You can watch their set on YouTube. They are triplets, they are super talented , fun to watch and just all around great guys, I can’t wait to see where their music takes them.

Matt Pierce, Tony Spinner, Jacob Brumley, Kierra Forrester, Sonny Campbell and myself then took the stage and opened up with Burning Love, a last minute call on Sonnys part, little did we know that the very next day was the anniversary of Elvis’ death! We then played songs off the new CD, which I must say, the overwhelming response we have received has been amazing, we definitely have the best friends and fans.  Our song, January brought quite an emotional moment to the stage. We dedicated the night to the memory or our dear friend Eddie James. We were honored to have his son, Chris James and his wife LeAnn, granddaughter, Morgan James along with close friends, Aaron and Kristy Liles, Kimberly Carmicheal and Jack Sparkman there with us. I think we all felt Eddies spirit there with us and as we played one of his favorite songs, Heavenly Day, I could see him dancing and proudly smiling. Everything about this night was amazing. I am forever grateful to everyone who helped it run smoothly. Pam and Chloe Bowen, Sarah Collom, Tina Elder, Calli Perkins( for all the incredible pictures and videos),  all of the musicians and everyone on The Recovery Room Staff, Thank you all so much.

We had so much fun at the CD Release party that we decided to do another in Little Rock on August 31st,at Skinny J’s which is this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Little Rock and hopefully meet some new fans. I will post in September!

Thanks for visiting my Blog! It is a digital journal/scrapbook of my New Journey and what a journey it is. Here are some pics from the past couple of months, Enjoy 🙂