The New Journey: Yellowstone…Another World

Picking up where I left off, we had another successful CD Release Party in North Little Rock at Skinny J’s. It was so incredible to see new friends, old friends and family, we really had a blast. We were graced on stage by the best of Little Rock, including Shannon Boshears ( Shannon and I go back to the days of wearing Plateau style hats 😉 and yes we rocked them! I’ve always admired Shannon she is an incredible artist and just a beautiful person. Sharon Simmons and her daughter Samantha Craig, (Sharon and I have been friends since Sam was an infant). They are both incredibly talented musicians and beautiful friends. Jason Weinheimer, who was the Engineer/Producer of the new CD, sat in with us also. We love Jason! He is an great guy and crazy talented musician. So many friends were there to support us, I can’t even begin to name them all but here are some photos.   You can see how much fun we had. Special thanks to Sarah Reeves, manager of Skinny Js and the entire Staff for all of their help. We love playing at Skinny J’s in North Little Rock!

After such a successful Month in August, we decided to take a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Our Alex was working there and we hadn’t seen her in a couple of months and neither of us had been there so, off we went. Yellowstone was, with a lack of a better term, unbelievable. I felt as though we stepped off into another realm. It was so beautiful and peaceful, absolutely spiritual, truly God’s country.  We weren’t in the park for more than an hour of driving and witnessed a grizzly bear coming down a hillside to eat and chase the birds away so that he could :0. I was for one, very glad we were in our car and it was across a lake ;|.  We stayed in three different places in Yellowstone over a four night stay and they were all breathtaking in different ways. One of my favorite things that we did was visit Lamar Valley and recorded four songs with just two acoustic guitars in the middle of the valley with a river running behind us and the wind blowing around us. As I was singing I was thinking of all the friends and family that we have lost over the years that were part of my life both personal and in my music and I imagined all of their faces smiling there with us and enjoying the music. I know to some that may sound weird, morbid, corny, etc, but it was very real for me. Whether it was love, support, playing music along side me or just a supportive listener and encourager of my music, I hold their memory and mark on my soul very close.

Here are some photos of our trip and you can view the videos on the media page at


Thank you for visiting my Blog/Journal and for your continued support and love. More to come………